Hi friends, I am so glad you're here!

Hi, I am Jessica, or as my friends call me, Jess! I am a Green Bay-based photographer + videographer who's passionate about telling your story though visual art and having a good time with you at the same time.

On a normal day off, you can find me cuddling with my baby daughter on the couch, on a romantic walk down Target aisles, chilling by a fire with a glass in hand with some friends, or being vacuuming my floors for the 5th time that week.

Ultimately, my faith is the purpose behind everything I do. I seek to serve others with the gifts God has given me and love everyone with open arms, as Jesus did.

I want to build a genuine relationship with each person in front of my camera and tell your story in the truest way possible. I believe every love story is beautiful and worthy of celebration. And I’d be honored to help you document yours.

So, if you’re about getting a little dirty, chasing after what’s real, and throwing out tradition for something that’s uniquely you, let’s get together and make some magic happen.

In case you were wondering...

· My husband + I married young in 2016- him 22 and me 21

· I lived in Redding, California where I did 2 years at a ministry school

· we recently welcomed our first (of many) babies, Audrey + taking in all the baby snuggles

Photo courtesy of a.e. photography



You're story is beautiful and one of a kind- and it should be captured that way. So you can trust me that I will never ask you to climb a mountain if your afraid of heights, take a walk in the woods if thats not your thing, or have you jump on your mans back if you not into that or anything else that doesn't feel like the true you.

· JOY ·

Being in front of a camera can feel vulnerable, uncomfortable, or even scary- I get it. Thats why I always like to make our sessions full of fun. Whether its dancing in a field to the Jonas Brothers or whispering our favorite breakfast cereal to your girl in your best sexy voice, I promise you we will have no problems laughing and you that you may not even notice the camera.


I've got your back, always. I'll come to your wedding or session with a vision to keep you relaxed and present- so you can truly enjoy your time together. When you can trust me, thats when you can truly comfortable + know that I am capturing the true you.

· LOVE ·

Whether I am capturing a high school senior, a family that is just had their 4th child, or its a couple on their wedding day vowing to each other on forever covenant- I always want you to leave your time with me feeling loved. To love yourself, feel love from me + most importantly to know you are loved by the Father.

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