I remember the first time I was asked to photograph a birth...

I honestly didn't know what to expect but remembering that it was the one thing in life that I dreaded the thought of going through personally. I remember I got the call that her water broke around dinner time but they'd contact me once it was she dilated more- let just say I couldn't sleep that night out of excitement and paranoia that I would sleep through it. So I decided to head to the hospital at 2am.

Being in the delivery room, even though every contraction, pain and the way the mother could never seem to get uncomfortable during breaks, there was a peace + excitement of anticipation in the air. For every push + every breath, there one vision in place for everyone in the room- for the arrival of the precious baby.

Still to this day when I am asked what kind of photography excites + drives me most- it would be births. Being able to capture real time, not posed and raw emotions- both the good + bad- it is something that I can't seem to put into words, but let the photos tell the story.